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[Chours]What up whats happening all you haters can get at me cus i hear ya and im watching but im still here i aint stopping ay so what up whats happening all you haters should get at me cus i hear ya and im watching but im serious haters so all i gotta say is what up [Verse 3]From summerhill to … By Barry Bell (from Melbourne, Australia) on 27 May 2020

Something is happening to me And I only hope the same thing is happening to you Something is happening Exciting, bewildering You must know why Something is happening I can't … Please help me I'm trying to find a pop rock/country pop song (mostly acoustic) from either late 90's or 2000's, the was a female singer singing something like "lifting me up, pulling me down, I don't know what is worth for", or something similar.

It starts off "this song is all about you and I thank you, you gave me all your time, you helped through bad time. "The Happening" is a 1967 song recorded by Motown artists The Supremes.

It appeared on the Australian Countdown show in May 1983. Anonymous 20 May 2020 Reply. I'm pretty sure it's "love is a playground" or something similar, though. Ok, there is this song that starts with something instrumental and contains lyrics that either say something like, "love is a playground" or "life is a playground." It's 10 o'clock, she's putting on her dress She's looking good, looking like a wreck She won't want daddy to know Where she's been Tonight The song served as the theme song of the 1967 Columbia Pictures film The Happening, and was released as a single by Motown at the time of the film's release that spring.While the movie flopped, the song peaked at number-one on the Billboard Hot 100 pop singles chart in May, becoming The Supremes' tenth number-one … “I was the only one left from the original pilot,” says Thomas. Thank you so much for your time! Queer things are happening to me We went one night to a masquerade And I dressed up like a parlour maid Everyone knew it was me right away But no-one knew he was the Queen of the Mae Oh No Woodman spare that tree Queer things are happening to me Whenever we'd go out to dine I'd buy him Pheasant and Apricot wine But he says NO, what can I do

Lyrics.com » Search results for 'whats happening' Yee yee! Reply. (And no, it is not "Playground Love") It is sung by a male or a group of males. / Tell me what's-a-happening / Why should you want to know? !is Ernest Thomas.

Now watch me back your shit up, I hope your people pull up And pick up and pack your shit up, homie, it's time to move While I'm …

What's the Buzz / Strange Thing Mystifying Lyrics: (Bethany, Friday Night) / What's the buzz? To each and every hood what's happening? (Come on) Yeah, let 'em talk, nigga, come on Bust (Aiyo, Meth, let me get at these niggaz) Yeah! But the only similarity between it and What’s Happening!

Strangethings - Strange Things (Are Happening to Me) Lyrics. We've found 3,361 lyrics, 1 artist, and 50 albums matching whats happening. It is an 80s pop song sung by an English duo.

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