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Clay soil is great for making bricks, but it's not so good for growing plants. When clay is dry, it's as hard as concrete. Clay County's population is … So here are some ideas on what you can do to improve the condition of your clay soil.

Georgia Red Clay Why are Georgia Soils Red? The only commercially available earthworm that is suited for introducing directly to the soil. Shallow-rooted vegetables can tolerate—and may even benefit from the stability of—heavy clays. By National Gardening Association Editors. Because earthworms do not like soil that is too acid, alkaline, dry, wet, hot or cold, their presence is a good indicator of soil conditions suitable for plant growth. Clay was created by a February 16, 1854, act of the Georgia General Assembly, and organized from portions of Early and Randolph counties. I'm at the base of a mountain ridgeline where there is lots of clay and found similarly. The healthier the soil is, the more bountiful the harvest. And if you find it, prepare to be slimed and glowing. The red color that is so evident in Georgia soils is due primarily to iron oxides. It's a pain in the butt to garden in. Clay soil curses most gardeners in the South. If you have clay soil, things aren't all bad. As earthworm populations increase, they pull more and more residue into their burrows, helping to mix organic matter into the soil, improving soil structure and water infiltration. Unless your landscape is in a location devoid of organic matter or in sand or dense clay, you already have a supply of worms. Other root crops, like daikon radishes and potatoes, help to break up a heavy clay soil. However, over time earthworms and other soil biota working in symbiosis with plants and animals above ground can gradually turn sand into a sandy loam soil. While that may not seem very fast, keep in mind, it’s effortless once the leaves are in place.

Learn how to attract earthworms for the optimum plant health and porosity. (Insert your favorite state- Alabama, Texas, Carolina, Georgia) Jumpers are great for mixing and aerating garden soil.

People often ask why the soils are red. Folks in the Southeast often curse red clay, but clay comes in lots of colors--black, brown, white, and even blue. Even clay soil has some good qualities. Abundance and distribution of earthworms were studied on the Georgia Piedmont of the Southeastern U.S.A., at sites representing various ecosystem types, management practices, landscape positions, soil textures and soil erosion status. Ensure soil pH (CaCl 2) is above 4.5 Earthworms do not like acid soils with pH (CaCl 2))* less than 4.5. No. It also tends to be more nutrient-rich than other soil types. 10 Best Vegetables for Clay Soils. In some studies, clay soils had fewer earthworms than lighter-textured soils. Image courtesy wikimedia commons By themselves? Clay soil is soil made up of over 50 percent of clay. Use a home test kit or send a sample to a soil testing lab, then follow the recommendations for adjusting pH. No matter the color, it is tough on plant roots. Discover The Eerie Earthworms of Hawkinsville, Georgia in Hawkinsville, Georgia: Beneath the surface, something slithers. I highly recommend this stuff - it's really worked for me in good ole Georgia clay. In my garden beds, I’m happy to say my former hard, red Georgia clay is a rich, loamy, easy to work with soil after about 4 – 5 years of repeated annual deposits. That’s all there is to it. Soil is a vital element in Earth's ecosystem.

Clay drains poorly, which leads to rot, and contains little air, which suffocates roots. When wet, it's as sticky as taffy. Improving Clay Soil. If your garden has heavy clay soil, you know what a challenge it can pose to plants, not to mention gardeners. It teems with living organisms and is the foundation for life, providing the crucial nutrients plants need to grow.

The quality of residue is also important. Get your soil tested. Quantity, quality, and placement of food influence earthworm populations.

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