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While Posehn and Scott Ian wrote or co-wrote most of Grandpa Metal's 14 songs (complete credits HERE), two covers were recorded: 2013's dance novelty song "The Fox, What The Fox Say" by Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis, that was a Top 10 Billboard single and that year's top trending YouTube video that accumulated more than 890-million views, and "Take On Me," a-ha's 1985 classic synth … The idea for Grandpa Metal is a perfect aggregate of Posehn’s love of comedy and metal. Then Brian Posehn has the comedy/metal album for you! Meet Grandpa Metal , the comic’s light-hearted, hard-rocking new metal album that spends equal time skewering and celebrating metal genres and tropes such as Viking metal, ‘80s party metal, black metal, the dark lord Satan, and totally-over-it, crusty elder scenesters. Biography American actor, voice actor, musician and comedian, known for his roles as mail clerk Kevin Liotta on NBC's Just Shoot Me!, a cast member and writer on HBO's Mr. Show, and most recently as Brian Spukowski on Comedy Central's The Sarah Silverman Program. Produced, engineered and mixed by … Grandpa Metal also presented the opportunity for Posehn to once again collaborate with long-time pal Anthrax’s Scott Ian. Brian Posehn links his passion for metal and comedy with ... in the form of comedy-metal mash-up Grandpa Metal. Brian Posehn figures that his new album, "Grandpa Metal" (Feb. 14 on Megaforce Records), took about six years to become reality. Brian Posehn: Producer (additional) Scott Ian: Producer (additional) Joe Trohman: Producer (additional), Lyrics (additional) (tracks 5, 8), Songwriting (tracks 10, 12) Brendon Small: Producer (additional), Arrangement (track 7), Songwriting (track 9) Paul Logus: Mastering : Jack … – and now he made a rad comedy album full of Top 40 hits recorded as hardcore metal songs. He’s like the nerd we all are and the nerd we all want to be. Comedian/actor/ writer Brian Posehn will release his new comedy/metal album, "Grandpa Metal", on February 14, 2020 via Megaforce Records. The mind behind Deadpool, hilarious comedian, author, numerous TV show – ‘The Mandalorian’ folks!

Brian Posehn is the coolest.

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