amara and emjay are they still together

We’ve seen breakups, weddings, divorces and cheating scandals all play out in front of our eyes. When PreMadonna tells Annie that she ran into Emjay and Amara, Annie expresses her concern for Amara. We Love and Hip-Hop Miami watchers now that Amara La Negra is extremely close to her mother. Reality TV is a weird phenomenon that allows us to see inside so many relationships we otherwise would not be privy to. Emjay then says that producers edit scenes to look them more controversial than they are.

She reveals that Emjay drained her of all her money, and refused to work while they were together, and when the money was gone, he too left her. But if the sneak peek clip for the finale is anything to go by, it seems like Amara and Emjay may be back together. 6,616 Likes, 452 Comments - Love & Hip Hop (@loveandhiphop) on Instagram: “When Shay tries to get her two cents in about Amara and Emjay’s break up, Amara shut her DOWN and…” Emjay makes his way back to Amara sharing how he is willing to fight for her love and will be waiting for her. On Jan. 9, Emjay promoted his girlfriend’s new YouTube series, "Amara Forever," which he, of course, is featured in. On any given moment, we can see a relationship absolutely implode. This is your time to grind !! According to social media, the pair is still going strong almost a year later. You are a dame good Man !!

moniquewilliams_80. Show them u can get your own bag!! This is a relationship I had 10 years ago. 7w Reply. Eventually, they did break up after Amara met his ex, who revealed how he took advantage of her financially and left when she couldn’t give him any more money. Catch the couple on new episodes of Love & Hip Hop Miami, airing Mondays at 9 p.m. This episode we see Amara battle with her decision on breaking up with Emjay. ET on VH1. I love you and Amara together, fuck them other hoes! Her and Shay get in a huge blowout about her decision, leaving them with an ended friendship. “You guys don’t see what’s going on. She has made it clear that she and her mom are all they got and as a result they … Kamillion and Suki share there discrimination issues in the rap industry during a radio interview.

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