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My fiancé proposed to me a month ago and I still find myself in awe of this ring & I just wanted to share! My wife (this "engagement" ring is overdue) doesn't care at all about it being natural, she just really loves how it looks.

This is my first time posting but I looked at an Alexandrite engagement ring over the weekend and wanted some advice on whether I'm close to paying a fair price or getting fleeced. Like your fiancée I chose the stone because it’s my birthstone and ours is also a lab alex.

Close. The stone is very special to me and it’s what I would like in an engagement ring, but I’ve never seen one in real life and I’m having a hard time finding photos/videos of alexandrite that aren’t stock photos. Alexandrite engagement ring. My alexandrite engagement ring is currently being made and I can’t wait to show it off. Very pretty! I've done some research, read every site on Alexandrite so I know a lot depends on hue, color change %, etc.

As we know, the true colour of an alexandrite is extremely hard to capture on camera. For example she likes this style and this style. Posted by 2 months ago.

The ring itself would probably be fairly simple--likely just the alexandrite stone, possibly with some accents. I just encountered this video about alexandrite and I think it will be very helpful for those considering it as their engagement rings. MyRing. 28. The color change is such a unique property.

I’ve always wanted an alexandrite and I … which I'm working on obtaining from the shop and will update this post when I know this information. I guess I'm trying to figure out the process for buying the ring. Alexandrite engagement ring. Does anybody here have an alexandrite ring? Hi everyone!
MyRing. I own a lab alexandrite and it always look blurple on camera while it's a teal green (sometimes teal blue) to the naked eyes. Congratulations on your engagement and future together!

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